About Us


Sanda Group represents diverse business sectors with a mission to “Transform Lives” by delivering products and services that are designed to connect individuals and communities on a personal and professional level.

The Group comprises of two businesses, Wemet Group and Sanda Hotels. Wemet Group aims to deliver wellness to individuals through technology and media. Sanda Hotels comprises of a chain of hotels and retreats, offering a unique experience to harness the wellness in an individual.

Our History

Through continuous innovation, and developments of products and businesses, the Group has now over tapped into a range of industries to bring wellness into the lives of our customers, stakeholders, business partners and investors.

Our founder, Mr.  Ajit Patel, began his entrepreneurial journey in the UK with a degree in Pharmacy. He started his own retail pharmacy before venturing into the printing business where he gained considerable experience in marketing and outsourcing. It is through his learning’s, his ambition of wanting to build an organisation that maintains people’s health and wellbeing became tangible. He has been a successful entrepreneur since then and has also won many awards for the same. He was also one of the first Indian to take a company public in UK in the year 1998.

His strength lies in his ability to understand trends and how it may impact the consumer. Through his innate motivation to educate himself in the existing pitfalls of current technology and wellness trends, he has pushed boundaries to bridge the gap between the current technology and wellness trends and consumer’s needs. We at Sanda, have a warm and goal oriented environment that has helped us achieve our goals in every field we stepped.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to “Transform Lives” of our Associates, Customers, Business Partners and Stakeholders and assist them in attaining a state of “Wellness”. This we will do by helping them achieve and maintain a balance between their Physiological, Psychological and Physical chakras.

We will also “Transform our Businesses” and ensure that there is a balance in their Three Chakras. In particular we will ensure that the resources are correctly distributed to achieve and maintain their Wellness

The driver of the Transformation will be continuous Creativity and Innovation in all aspects of our business.

We put People First and we will build an effective team of associates who will be Empowered and Accountable for their actions. We will work to agreed Core Values, Behaviours , Habits, Policies, Procedures and Business Practices

Our Mission

To create a series of products and services that will enhance the lives of individuals and communities, and better their communication channels.

Provide a space for individuals to shape a better and healthier life.

Our Values

Trust & Respect

We show trust and gain trust – without mutual trust we cannot succeed


We motivate and generate the same amount of passion and energy from our team


We are open and demonstrate a climate for people to be assertive without fear of consequences from us


We are always competing with our best performance & to better in Business, Personal Growth and developing other People

Change & Adaptive

We always embrace change and adapt quickly to achieve our goals


We make timely decisions for the good of the team irrespective of our own feelings


We do what is needed for the team and its vision with full passion and belief


We help others who are less fortunate – Time, Knowledge, use of our assets, Information and if possible financial


We practice “Together we can achieve more”, Always willing to do more than asked for the team


Everything we plan and agree to do - we do, On time – every time


We work with all the energy that we can muster to achieve the goals agreed


We act as if we are running our own business. Everything we do is cost effective and achieves results


We always take the "lead" to guide other individuals or teams irrespective of whether it is part of my accountabilities or not

Coach and Mentor

We invest time and effort to nurture and develop people with the skills, knowledge and attitude we possess Irrespective of whom they report to or work with